Dear Small Business Owner:

Are you tired of clients not paying invoices? We are too. Join us & refuse to let another invoice go unpaid.

Automated Invoice Collections

You have better things to do than chase down invoices. We’ll get your money for you.

Upload an invoice.

Upload any overdue client invoice and answer a few simple questions about your client.

We reach out.

Unpayd politely reminds your client via personalized letters, emails and phone calls to pay.

You get paid.

We collect payment from your client and then send it directly to you via check or wire.

We live by the Golden Rule.

Your brand is in good hands. We treat your customers like they’re our customers.

  • Every point of communication is friendly and personalized.
  • Our Tulsa-based calling team are masters of polite persistence.
  • Our process is 100% transparent: communication history is always accessible.

A few minutes ago

Your client paid their bill!

5 hours ago

Your client opened this email.

3 days ago

Unpayd emailed your client.

“Oops! Looks like you’re a month late on your invoice. It happens to the best of us…”

7 days ago

We’re small business owners too.

We’re demystifying and humanizing the collections process. You shouldn’t feel like the bad guy for wanting to get paid for your work, and your non-paying clients shouldn’t be treated like criminals by aggressive collectors.

Joseph Leon


Noah Kotlove


Risk-Free Pricing 17.9% of the money we collect.

No Other Fees.

How do our fees compare to the competition?

Traditional collections agencies keep 30% - 70% of your money. That's unfair. We believe small business owners should not give up half their invoice just to get paid the money they're rightfully owed.

Get your unpayd invoices paid.